Hi, I’m James. That’s me over there. Sometimes I like to sit on apple boxes and look angry. Other times I make kick ass designs. It’s a give and take.

I am currently a Senior Art Director for The Marlin Company in Springfield, Missouri. My main design responsibilities are for Frito-Lay's division of kettle cooked potato chips, Miss Vickie's and Pepsico Foodservice. Starbucks Foodservice, Starbucks Branded Solutions, Seattle's Best Coffee, and Tazo Tea served as some of my previous client relationships. Marlin's client roster includes other notable foodservice leaders such as Bush Beans and Tyson. 

In my free time I enjoy video games, table top games, pinball, reading, music, movies, hiking, fishing, Internet media, woodworking, DIY technology projects, and sports.

At the 2019 ADDY’s we walked away with two golds, one silver, and a Best of Show award.